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MBBR Mutag BioChip 30™ carriers

Mutag BioChip30TM was developed in 2008 and is being solely manufactured in Germany.From the experience gained in the large-scale application of different biofilm carrier types available on the market, the Mutag BioChip30™ was finally developed internally at Mutag.


Technical Specifications

Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR)
MemPulse® MBR



MEMCOR® CSII system takes the features of submerged membrane systems, such as: high solids handling capability; low energy use; & low footprint and makes them better.

Building on over 30 years of experience in both supplying membranes and membrane systems, the MEMCOR CSII system is the latest addition to the MEMCOR product family.

The system uses: the latest enhanced PVDF UF membrane & potting that is proven in the field; a proven backwash process; and enhanced the configuration to reduce both capital & operating costs.

The MEMCOR CSII system is ideal for new installations or for upgrades to existing Filter systems or Clarifiers. By using “double ended” filtration & a longer module energy usage is reduced; cutting membrane operating costs; decreasing the plant footprint while delivering exceptional value over the entire system life-cycle.

The MEMCOR CSII MemRACK™ assembly features

Proven L20N Modules: both high flux and high permeability;

Uses Nylon Filtrate & Air rack components from the Memcor CS MemRACK already proven in the field;

Flexible configuration to fit to tanks/cells of different sizes and depths;

Uses the proven Memcor CS backwash process, while achieving lower air usage; and lower membrane operating costs Suited to “Open Rack” technology platforms

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